What happened to Burger King ranch?

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The ranch is different

For the most part I love surprises. I love them because a majority amount of the time they are good. I also love Burger King ranch. Years ago I had a rare surprise where I was not happy. I asked for ranch at burger king and got something I was not expecting.

What I expected to get was a packet with a blue outline and a picture of spices and buttermilk. Instead, I received a generic green sauce packet that said ranch. I did not think much of it. I thought to myself that they just wanted to update their designs to be more modern.

Burger King ranch looks different

As soon as I peeled the top off the ranch packet I knew something was off. Normally the ranch had a thick creamy look to it and you could see spices. What I saw with the new ranch was just a white sauce. Not a spec or spice in sight. It also lools more like sour cream than the creamy sauce I was used to seeing. The taste is also a lot differwnt and no where near as good. I miss the old Burger King ranch. How long did it take you to notice the ranch was different? Let us know in the comments below.

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